A Note: Buying From Easter's

Our website only shows a very few items of what we have in stock at Easter's.

Various Beads and Medals
Made in the USA

Updating, or creating a website takes time, expertise, money, and a certain amount of creativity. We're in short supply of them all. 

St. Anthony
Various Subjects and Styles













We continue to add items but it takes a lot of time.

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Mass Kits and Clergy Gifts









However, if you'd like to see a picture of something please contact us, 916.338.7272.  We'll work to get pictures to help you make a proper decision. 


Hundreds of Patron Saint Medals
Miraculous Medal with background
Medals Made in the USA
Miraculous Medals
Bliss Mfg. Medals
Four-Way or Scapular Medals










And we want your purchase from us to be convenient, and stressless. Over the phone, or in person, we'll go the extra mile to serve you properly. 

Thank you for your patronage, and may God bless you!