Art: Icons / Pictures / Plaques

Religious artwork is not just for churches.

We carry a selection of artwork, from various sources, local Catholic artists, and Catholic vendors.

However, with the wide selection of artwork available, it isn't possible for us to carry everything. We are happy to order for you. Subjects, sizes, and styles, are subjective, we hope to help you find your desired choice. 

Traditionally sacred art is given as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, graduation gifts, or the reception of the sacraments. To lift the spirit and sanctify the home, or office, car, or motorhome, images of Our Lord, and His Blessed Mother, the saints, and sacred places, remind of us the family God has waiting for us, and are with us here, as our advocates on the journey. 


Jesus the Teacher by Local Iconographer Raymond Vincent

Jesus the Teacher 

Iconographer Profile: Raymond Vincent

Raymond Vincent is an iconographer working in the area of Sacramento, California. Raymond has studied Byzantine iconography since 2008, painting and teaching professionally since 2012. He works in the traditional method of egg tempera and his style incorporates aesthetic and technical aspects of both the Greek and Russian schools. Raymond is committed to producing icons of the highest technical and artistic quality, while simultaneously fostering and popularizing the tradition as a whole. He gives both talks on and teaches classes in iconography, and works under the guidance of Master Iconographer, Fr. Damian Higgins, Abbot of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Redwood Valley, Ca.