The Novena, Unanswered as Yet, Continues

You Can't Always Get What You Want

So,we continue our novena in honor of Maria Bambina, in thanksgiving for her intercession. The statue of Maria Bambina was prominently displayed for her birthday. Pink-tipped roses were offered and we consumed a delicious strawberry filled cake in her honor, and remembrance of our dear Mother Christine of Mary and the Most Holy Spirit. God is Good, he has given us a loving Mother who intercedes on our behalf.

No, we weren't granted an approval to reopen the store on September 8, a direct message from Our Lord, through His Blessed Mother, that He had heard our prayer. However, I'm not disturbed by this. Faith must be deeper than that. If you're Catholic you've probably been ridiculed, or laughed at, for seeking the intercession of the saints. And if you're Catholic you probably have received first-hand a prayer answered due to those requests for help, and most likely many prayers that have not been answered. Either way I enthusiastically believe in the Communion of Saints, and the family in Heaven He has provided for us, and I'm grateful for that wonderful crowd of friends waiting for me, praying for me, in the Land of the Living. 

Regardless of that enthusiasm I struggle to embrace disappointments and setbacks and I slip back into whining "my will be done", even though I know that would be disastrous at times. 

Please forgive me, I'm going to tread on the heart of any die-hard Stones fans who have stumbled upon my worthless blather, but the Stones may have had something that could have been used in those crazy folk Masses of the 70's if they'd have changed the lyrics just a bit, "you can't always get what you want, but when you pray sometime you get what you need."

May God bless you! 


September 10, 2016 - 10:30pm