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Easter's Catholic Books and Gifts Campaign

John Paul II Easter People

Welcome to Easter's Catholic Books and Gifts!

It's about getting to know each other so we can participate in 

building the community God intends for His family. 

We're not just another web store, or book store, or gift store. It's our desire to really help you with your journey of faith. So, you won't find this site filled with our entire stock. That's just not who we are. A long time ago we realized we like to take care of people personally, not through an impersonal online store.

The phone will do, (916) 338-7272 


there's always;

or you might email us,, if you'd like, 

or better yet, drop by and say "hello"!

Do You Have...?

Rings, religious symbols, purity rings, rosary rings, unique items, just what you're looking for!

Patron Saint Medals, sterling, gold-filled, 14tk, some white gold available, and of course, the inexpensive oxidized medals are available. Prices range .89 all the way up....

Crucifixes, various styles, sizes, for the wall or standing. We believe every home needs one .... in every room!

Religious medals, 4-way, 5-way medals and chains, from Bliss Manufacturing, McVan, HMH, Stuller, and others.

We carry a wide selection of rosaries, in various colors, various beads, price ranges from .55 to $400. Great gifts, and a necessity for every person.

Outdoor statues, various subjects, sizes, and prices. Come by and we'll help you find it!

Books, great choices for toddlers, these are excellent resources for baptism, birthdays, Christmas, or any occasion. And they are little hands friendly, board books will last much longer than traditional books when the child tries to rip, tear, and chew those words.

Pyxes and other needs for those in ministry to the sick. They are also great gifts for those studying for the priesthood, or deaconate, or as a donation to your parish.

The best in religious artwork, classic, and contemporary artists, those who have gone before us, and local Catholic artists. We heartily believe that we are called to praise God with all our senses, and artwork aids in the meditation of the sacred!

Night lights, various subjects, styles, and manufacturers. Gift idea for the elderly, and the young, an appreciated reminder that we are called to reflect His light!

Books, great works, we're not Amazon, but we want to help you find what you need.

Medals, scapular, miraculous, St. Christopher, St. Joseph, 4-Way, saints, and medals for the sacraments, We appreciate your business.

Beautiful journals and ink pens for women and men.